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Free Personal Bridal Shower Games

Planning your sister's bridal shower can be a fun and educational experience, as I just recently found out! Choosing a theme, sending out invitations, and arranging refreshments was only half the work involved in preparing for the event. The hardest part, I quickly discovered, was finding appropriate entertainment. I wanted games that were fun, of course, but also endearing, since this was my little sister we're talking about. The final catch in my plans was a tight budget. I had just moved apartments, and, though I wanted to throw a lavish affair, I quite frankly didn't have the funds. So I needed some great free personal bridal shower games to use. After searching online a few times, and questioning several experienced friends, I realized that finding free personal bridal shower games would be no simple task. I spent many tedious hours pouring over books, and websites until I could finally compile something that resembled a party. It took a lot of work, but I think the shower was a real success. Many sentimental tears were shed, and everyone left happy!

So, my fellow party planner, in order to assist you in your struggles to host the perfect party, I pass on to you my sacred list of free personal bridal shower games. These games are almost guaranteed to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and closeness that nearly any group can appreciate.

First, plan a theme that will hold sentimental value to the group, or at least the bride. If you can arrange that all the guests are involved, have them buy gifts that are theme-appropriate. Use the decorations to further enhance this image. I'm getting to the free personal bridal shower games, I promise. The most common, but certainly touching, bridal shower game is Advice for the Bride. There are many personal touches that you can add to this game to make it unique from every other time your guests may have played. One idea I saw was Hanger of Wisdom. Purchase one of those nice satin hangers; you know the soft padded kind (you can have the color match the theme or go with the classic bridal white). Tie long white ribbons to the hanger, and attach small pretty papers to each ribbon (punch holes into the corners of the papers, and loop the ribbon through). Pass the hanger around, and have each guest write some pearls of wisdom or warm wishes for the bride and groom. Tell her that she can hang her wedding gown on the hanger the night of the wedding. If this is a little too much for your taste, you can buy a pretty journal and have each guest write her message on a separate page (this keeps the personal messages, well, personal).

Here's another sweet and free personal bridal shower game called Memories. Have all the guests sit around in a circle (if you really want to get cozy, arrange the group on the floor on a carpet or blanket). Dim the lights, if you can, this gives the moment added poignancy. Light a long white taper (candle). Pass the candle around the circle allowing each guest to relive a touching memory that she and the bride shared (guests can also share a specific positive trait of the bride's, and tell a story about that). This game will undoubtedly leave the group in tears.

The following suggestions fit very loosely into the free personal bridal shower games category. While they may not be the most moving activities, they each add a personal touch to an otherwise typical evening. Prior to the shower, bake several gingerbread people (I would recommend making a few more than the number of guests you will be having in case a few break). Set up a table with the cookies and various supplies to decorate them. Use gumdrops for eyes, chocolate lentils for buttons, licorice for hair, fruit leder for clothing, icing for small details, etc. You can get really creative with this one, and each gingerbread person will be uniquely fit to the personality of each guest. (And) no bridal shower would be complete without the game Who Knows the Bride Best. This game can range from very general to obscenely personal questions and answers. The better you know the bride, the more interesting and challenging questions you can come up with. Put thought into these, and let the guest who answers the most questions correctly receive a prize (her mother doesn't count!)

I hope these ideas prove helpful to you on your mission. A bridal shower is meant to be a time of great joy for everyone. There's no reason why that shouldn't include you, the party planner, as well! So use these games and tips, and let yourself enjoy the festivities too!

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