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Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

There was once a time, back in the good old days, when a girl became betrothed, her family would get to work. Grandma sewed her linens, and father carved out the headboard for her bedroom. The bride was "showered" with a dowry of handmade items created from the love and sweat of caring family members. As beautiful and touching as this scene is, let's face it, no one has the time for such detail any more. Rushing between school, work, kids, or social obligations barely leaves you enough time to sit down and have a cup of coffee (let alone, mold that cup!) Today, brides are given gift certificates to appliance and furniture stores, catalogue ordered bedspreads, and nifty gadgets that appeared on her list of registered items.

Bridal showers, too, can be fun and exciting without you having to "handcraft" the party on your own. A great revolution in party planning is a kit of printable games for the shower. These are good if you want to spend a little cash. In truth, though, everything you find in the kits can be reproduced for free. Let me explain this novel concept (that will save you lots of time, money, and aggravation!) Free printable bridal shower games are all you need to keep your shower lively and entertaining. Here are a few options for free printable bridal shower games that I enjoyed. There is a whole plethora of party games and ideas for you to choose from. Free printable bridal shower games can be funny, rowdy, and even sentimental.

How to say I love you

This game tests your group's knowledge of languages by seeing how many different ways they can find to say I love you.

Wedding Word Games

Wedding word search, word scramble, and anagrams are all good for the "word crowd". Take the How to be a Good Wife Quiz - see if the bride-to-be is ready to cook, clean, iron, and do all the other necessary familial obligations.

Popular Games

The non-free printable bridal shower games kits will usually offer a number of popular games that have been "weddified". You can slightly modify these games, and make them on your own. Charades is always a great game to play with a lot of people. Kits will provide a list of topics, words to act out, and tips for hints in case no one is getting it! If you like the game Taboo, you will love Wedding Taboo! Shout out guesses to the random clues your partner is trying to give you, without her saying the key words on the card. (It's almost as much fun making up these cards as it is to play the game itself!) Wedding Pictionary is the same concept, Pictionary with all wedding-themed cards.


Bingo is one of the most common of the free printable bridal shower games because of the many different versions you can play, and because it works so well with large groups. You can play gift bingo, guest bingo, or fun facts bingo. Gift bingo should be played while the bride opens her presents. If a guest has the present that the bride is opening, have them mark it off on their board. Guest bingo requires a hat with the names of all the guests in it. Let the bride draw names, and call them out for the bingo players. My favorite bingo game, though, is the fun facts bingo. In each square, jot down little common (and a few not so common) facts about the bride (like lived in LA, wears size 7 shoe, hates spiders etc.). All the guests must mingle with each other and find other people who match those facts. First person to get a whole row wins. This is a wonderful icebreaker, and works best with large groups of people who don't know much about each other.

Miscellaneous games

Other good ideas for free printable bridal shower games are trivia questions, finish the common slogan or phrase, and famous TV couples matching. One of the nicest (and only!) websites I found for free printable bridal shower games has a beautiful packet to handout to each guest. I did it for my sister's shower, and it was really sweet and very memorable.

As you see, there's no shortage of great games to play at your shower, whatever the theme, or crowd. Choose the ones that suites your needs best, and print away. Don't be afraid to go wild or get creative. Other than the food, the games are really the only thing that sets apart the successful bridal shower from the flops. Use these ideas, and create some of your own. Whatever you do, make sure you have a blast!

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