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Yahoo Games Backdoor

It happens all the time. You come home after a long grueling day of work. You are exhausted, and spent. All you want to do is sit down in front of your computer and lose yourself, your stresses, and your aches in a good Yahoo game. Whether it's Backgammon, Chess, or Cyber Shootout 3, you know which is your favorite. You pour yourself a drink, and you grab a snack. You sit down at the keyboard, click a few keys, and you've arrived. At a full room. That's right, you're night is shot because your game lounge is full. Don't you hate it when that happens?! Well now you can make this scenario be a mere shadow of the past. Here's the secret; Yahoo games backdoor! Use Yahoo games backdoor, and you'll never find yourself shut out of any Yahoo game room again. A Yahoo games backdoor will allow you to enter a game room that is already full!

There are several websites for Yahoo games backdoor (you are not the only one kicking the computer table because of the impossible inner-city traffic that got you home five minutes too late!), but many of these sites are poorly organized, and difficult to use. Here is a great link that I found for Yahoo games backdoor that is nicely setup and easy to access any room of your choice: Shove-it.com/yahoo.

Note: this site is not exclusively a Yahoo games backdoor site. There are backdoors to other games and gaming sites here as well. Simply click on Yahoo games, and you will be brought to a list of Yahoo game backdoor choices.

Sign into Yahoo games, and find the room in which you would like to play. If it's full, just open this site, and click on your room. You will be granted access regardless of the number of players currently occupying the room! This website is organized according to game type, which makes it easier to narrow down your favorites. Games on this site include card games, board games, tile games, and a few others. There are also backdoor sites that list games alphabetically. This is another a good way of keeping the site organized.

Here is a great site for all of you 'pool sharks': Yahoo-help.com/bdgames.html. It's one of the most extensive Yahoo games backdoor sites for pool on the web. They have a huge and well- organized selection of rooms for you to enter, and, as always, it's easy to use. This site also links you to other backdoor sites with a larger variety of games, in case you have had your fill of pool.

So next time you are sitting at home, crying into your beer because of a full game room (what a waste of a perfectly good beer!), don't just sit there. Take action. Get onto one of the many great backdoor sites that are provided for you. Because if you don't someone else will, and, let's face it, do you have anything better on the night's agenda?

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